The Owner's Manual

Who Is Eating Your Lunch?

Who Is Eating Your Lunch? I was reviewing competitor websites for a client last week. This is a widespread practice in the marketing arena, but not something most businesses do. Do you check out your competitors from time to time? Are those crickets I hear? First, you have to know who your competitors are. It’s…


So, what’s with the Big Shoes?

I get asked that a lot. So, instead of keeping you in the dark, I’ll explain. Although it was the best decision I ever made, going out on my own was a bit terrifying at the time. I knew I had to scare myself to death – well, maybe just hovering on the edge of death…I tried to think of something that would be a mental and physical challenge that could teach me to face down those growling fears. It is somewhat ironic that the idea I came up with was something I had always wanted my boys to do – Outward Bound ( Naturally, having their mother suggest such a thing was the absolute kiss of death but the idea of the challenge drew me in me and I signed up. I did take myself to the outside edge of my fear and realized that it was all in my curly head. And it was a life changing experience mainly because it taught me that whenever I get rattled, I can go back to that one moment at treetop level in the pouring rain, climbing a pole and finishing the high ropes course. I faced down my worst fear of the moment – heights and came through fine.


Power Is Built from the Inside Out

The power of the wave is a visual illustration of the concept that marketing is more powerful when done both internally and externally. Internally, it is the way you hire, engage, create value for your employees, and propel your vision forward. It is how you acknowledge, notice, challenge, spark, laugh, and engage those with whom…