About Us

Philadelphia Marketing Consultant, Dale Power started her marketing career with an endlessly optimistic stream of lemonade stands before the age of 10.

She worked in various marketing capacities in small companies, then built a catering business and next, a children’s entertainment business. While her kids were in school she then created the Outreach Division (marketing project) for a private school that was little known, increasing their applicant pool by 300% for 10 years. She is celebrating her 18th year of wearing her Big Shoes.

Dale works with businesses owners who know they need to improve their branding and marketing. Working collaboratively to develop their marketing strategically first, then creating tactical actions that improve their brand, develop a more unique market position and address all the opportunities they have with timelines and metrics.

She realized that it’s more common to start with no budget, but important to develop one that works going forward. Additionally, she educates the owners as they go, so they always know WHY they are employing the actions that are defined.

Innovation Midwife
Mischief Maker

Creator of Big Shoes for Entrepreneurs