About Us

When you have expertise in a business, you have neither the time nor background to make important and costly decisions for your marketing without a guide.

Knowing where to start, what will make a consistent impact, crafting the stories that you want clients to tell their friends, how you wish to be perceived, understanding your ideal clients in depth, mapping the buying journey as you identify the points that give you the opportunity to show up as remarkable as you are all things we bring to the table.

By harnessing my creativity and problem solving abilities, I have created both jobs and three businesses.

  • Directed Marketing for an international furniture company, and an architectural non-profit.
  • Created a catering company which taught me I love to cook and hate to cater.
  • Developed the Outreach (Marketing) Division of Woodlynde School, virtually unknown in an area with 150 independent schools and gave them a place on the map.
  • Launched Big Shoes Marketing in 2001. I called my company Big Shoes because it reminds me to step into my own Big Shoes every day and it describes the clients with whom I love working.

Innovation Midwife
Mischief Maker

Creator of Big Shoes for Entrepreneurs