The Owner's Manual

Do Your Prospective Clients Know You?

Are you always: First called    ●    First  Hired    ●    First Referred ? Do you know how to: Make clear distinctions between your company and your most ambitious competitors? Create market awareness with memorable messages? Define and articulate your value in the marketplace to launch immediate action? Are you ready to stop being the “best kept…


The Gift of Inspiration

So often we don’t think of inspiration as a tangible gift.  But ponder this – Think of a time when you were up against something that was really challenging.  Something that strained all of your resources – interior and exterior.  Did you have someone encouraging you? Was there someone there cheering you on, acting as…


What Not to Say

I’ve been speaking lately on what to say – or how to craft a message that is powerful and memorable. After seeing blog posts of several of the people who attended my talks as well as hearing their introductions, I’m beginning to think I should be speaking on What Not to Say! A marketing take…