The Owner's Manual

The Problem with Standing Out

People like me are always urging you to differentiate from your competition. So, why is it so hard to do?

I think it starts with a belief learned early in life -the one that we have learned over time – it feels safer to go with the group- don’t rock the boat. Look at any field and you will see pack mentality in the way companies in any vertical express themselves. It’s safe AND it’s boring. Worse, when everyone looks the same and too safe no one remembers anything.


Imprinting Memory

When people buy, many elements have to be in place. The experience you create encompasses the ways we are drawn to someone or something. We may like it, trust it or maybe it makes us feel like we will be better for using it. It tags our emotions and creates positive memories as well.


Creating the Aha!

Creating  an aha for someone is mostly about connecting the dots on a subject that they don’t completely understand. However, before you can connect  those dots, you may have to engage their interest.  This is a bit trickier. Why because many people choose to skip this step and move right into telling. This creates the…


The Impact of Not

Not doing what you said you would do, not answering an email, not returning a phone call promptly…. the list goes on and on. We get our “stuff” together but don’t follow us with our actions. The trick is to START. It can be one new habit at a time but for heaven’s sake start!…


Do You Know?

Do you know?  Why people buy you? There is something that you provide better than anyone else. Do you know what it is? There have been many studies about the subject – thousands, in fact. These studies are usually made on big, public companies because there is more information about them, they have survived all…