The Owner's Manual

Ask the Right Questions

Are you asking the right questions? When you think about the growth of your business, do you know how many clients you need to make it a profitable year? Do you know your cost per lead? Or the ROI of the marketing you are currently doing? Most businesses copy other businesses. This is almost as…


Learning on the Go

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”    Helen Keller I confess, I’m a reader. But I have to do my business reading early in the am. At night I always risk the book hitting me in the head. A book I’m reading with some serious wisdom: Trillion Dollar Coach…


Squirrel Marketing

Many business owners , like their furry pets get riveted by squirrels.

Not real squirrels actually, but those little things that come along promising that if you buy this product or that software, all your marketing problems will evaporate. Like squirrels, they divert your attention and get you off track – fast.


Head in the Sand …Again!

Why is it so easy to fall back into bad habits?

I’m referring to one specific failing of mine: getting busy and letting my pipeline slip away. The pattern is this: I get referrals, get busy with the work, allow my attention to go to the work and not keeping my pipeline filling at different levels.  Then my mind slides into that spiral of catastrophe – this is not a place that I want to live.