The power of the wave is a visual illustration of the concept that marketing is more powerful when done both internally and externally.

Internally, it is the way you hire, engage, create value for your employees, and propel your vision forward.

It is how you acknowledge, notice, challenge, spark, laugh, and engage those with whom you work, valuing each one in ways that create surprise, delight, and going the extra mile.

It’s much harder to do it alone or by simply telling someone what to do – that always ends us not quite the way you envisioned it. You know this if you have ever tried to tell a teenager something important. The reaction with most adults is similar – the ears turn off.

This approach takes time and thought, but the rewards can be greater than you imagine.

When you spend time building the team, your external marketing will become so much more powerful because you won’t just have a sales force- you will have the entire company as your marketing department.

Similarly, your external marketing to customers or clients will be dramatically more effective if you do the work of creating a solid foundation of learning everything possible about them and then create the messages, the graphics, the collateral and plans that will propel you forward with your team racing along with you.