The Impact of Not

by Dale




Not doing what you said you would do, not answering an email, not returning a phone call promptly…. the list goes on and on.

We get our “stuff” together but don’t follow us with our actions. The trick is to START. It can be one new habit at a time but for heaven’s sake start!

So, getting back to the impact…. the impact of not doing what you saidyou would do¬† is the worst because you have broken your word and now you’ve lost trust. Most people understand this.

What isn’t as well understood is the impact of an email not followed up. The message you are sending is that the other person isn’t important.

We’re all busy enough to cut each other some slack these days but don’t you notice when someone does respond quickly? You notice it even more when they surprise and delight you with a referral, a thank you, something special. Then it becomes a wow!

It doesn’t’ take much to stand out these days. Be your word, communicate well, use humor, say thank you (alot) and surprise and delight the people in your life. You will stand out – with impact.

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