Creating a Unique Experience for Your Customer

by Dale

Why would you want to create a unique experience for your customer? It’s probably the most inexpensive and yet most powerful way to create a positive, lasting impression.

Here’s an example:

Take two airlines: US Airways and Southwest. I’m using these because everyone knows who they are and probably has experienced a ride on at least one of them – I hope for your sake it was Southwest!

I’m not sure what US Airways cares about. It’s certainly not their passengers and definitely not their employees. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a pleasant experience yet on that airline. They have many nicknames – all of them negative.

Southwest ( on the other hand is becoming legendary for empowering their employees to create a unique customer experience – one that will be fun, positive and might even make them share a story of their trip with someone else.

There are the pilots who have been heard to exclaim: “Whoa, big boy!” as they are landing, or the steward who gives the passenger preflight instructions as a rap while involving everyone in the plane in keeping the beat. That one got a sitting ovation. Wonder how many people were told about that?

You have the same power to create an experience for your customer –  service that is legendary. Most people would rather spend huge amounts of money on stuff that doesn’t count as much. The key to doing this  is that you have to set aside some time for  thinking what would make them say WOW!

Ask yourself this: Which would I appreciate and remember  more: a hand-written note or an email; a special way of saying thank you or a mug? You get the idea… what could you think of?

If you have any stories of companies that have created an amazing experience, please share them here. More next time.

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