The Most Powerful Tool that Almost No One Uses

by Dale

If you decide to go to Italy (my favorite country to visit), you choose a date, make reservations for the plane, your hotel, car, and any special tickets you might need. You make sure your passport is in order, check out your clothes, etc. etc.

So, how ironic is it that we spend more time planning a trip to Italy than consciously using some tools that make our business better and our customers happier?

Have you ever mapped your customer experience? From the beginning of the interaction to the end (if there is one) and all the places along the continum?

You might start with a big piece of paper. Figure out all the points that you would have a chance to create an experience that would make them say “WOW!”.

Next, create some ways you could elevate that experience to make it extraordinary. I promise you that your competition probably isn’t doing this.  (Smile)  Analyze the opportunities that exist for causing extreme happiness, then act on them by putting them into a customer system. You will be amazed at the results.

If you have a chance let me know how you did and I’ll include the story.

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Hannah Tighe March 10, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Great post! I could not agree more about making your customer experience exceptional. I think that is one of the reasons that people are embracing social media. Customers are tired of not being heard. In todays economy, competition is fierce and business owners need to really step up their game and build an experience that is invaluable. Those that dont risk being replaced by someone else who takes the time to build such a relationship and reputation. It is not enough to do a good job anymore, you really have to go the extra mile and deepen your existing customer relationships to stay on top.


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