Squirrel Marketing

by Dale



Many business owners , like their furry pets get riveted by squirrels.

Not real squirrels actually, but those little things that come along promising that if you buy this product or that software, all your marketing problems will evaporate. Like squirrels, they divert your attention and get you off track – fast.

This strategy is about as successful as a dog who sees a squirrel and decides to chase it. Squirrels look attainable but they’re much faster and have a way of disappearing in a flash.

Ask yourself what are the squirrels that take you off course? They are usually the things that promise something you don’t want to do.

You really only need two to three good solid actions that can be repeated consistently to make a difference to your marketing. The squirrels represent all the people, products and services that promise to make it easy – it never turns out to be, does it?

This is my dog Maggie. Her favorite thing to do is ride in my car with her head sticking through the sunroof. She can run like the wind already but this must make her feel like she is flying. Notice there are no squirrels around – or none that she can see. She’s too busy enjoying the ride.

How do you know what actions to choose?

Our next post will show you how.


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