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A wonderful tool that is hardly ever thought of and infinitely more effective  are brainstorms.  There are many industries being interrupted by new technologies or habit changes of users. A good example is marketing itself. What used to work isn’t working so well anymore. But is everything going electronic – I personally doubt it. It […]


So often we don’t think of inspiration as a tangible gift.  But ponder this – Think of a time when you were up against something that was really challenging.  Something that strained all of your resources – interior and exterior.  Did you have someone encouraging you? Was there someone there cheering you on, acting as […]


Most people don’t think about intentionally designing an experience for their clients – but it’s a game changer.

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Why would you want to create a unique experience for your customer? It’s probably the most inexpensive and yet most powerful way to create a positive, lasting impression. Here’s an example: Take two airlines: US Airways and Southwest. I’m using these because everyone knows who they are and probably has experienced a ride on at […]


Peter Shankman ( has become a prominent thought leader in the world of PR. He has done this by looking at his audience and identifying what they need. In his early days, he got a call from a unique yarn shop located outside the city on Long Island. They has amazing yarns that were difficult […]