The Deeper Level of Connection – Part 2 – In a Series

by Dale

The Deeper Level of Connection – Part 2

I have adopted generosity as a tool. I find it most useful – not only for my clients, friends, prospects and others, but for myself; as a tool for growth.

Generosity starts with a conscious acceptance of an attitude. It acknowledges the fact that everyone has worth and something unique to offer. Maybe it comes naturally to some, but I find myself weaving in and out of it. I have to remember every day that this is how I want to live and be. I forget way too easily.

Case in point – Last week I went to an all-day workshop. I was excited to attend knowing that I could make new connections and open myself up to good learning. There were only several people in the room when I arrived. Not one of them said hello, including a fellow I have known as an acquaintance and a competitor for about twelve years. My generosity generator shut down faster than a lawn mower out of gas and I started to feel invisible. As the day progressed, other attendees were friendly, but the fellow I knew had determined that he was NOT going to speak to me. Pretty silly, huh?

During the boring parts of the workshop I had a little chat with myself. The end result was that I talked myself into a much more positive state. I also decided to be open and welcoming to as many people as I could. I changed my spirit into one of openness and giving so that my energy would give off a positive, fun and friendly attitude. By doing this, I made some good contacts that day.

What about the unfriendly competitor? He and his organization were the losers in my mind. (I’m still working on this part. Generosity isn’t connected with judgment – which I’m way too guilty of!) They were all incredibly impressed with themselves. They talked about all the great work that they were doing, the great people they knew, how famous they were . . . the list goes on. At that point, they lost me as someone that would even want to talk to them. When it is all about you, people get bored fast. The imprint you leave probably isn’t one you would choose.

Generosity starts with making up your mind that you are going to share with abundance. It opens up possibilities for things unseen. When you are generous, you are curious. It has a completely different energy to it than business as usual. It lets go of the idea that if I give you something, you owe me; if I have more experience than you, I’m more important; if I make more money than you, it makes me more significant, etc.

It’s a value and a decision. Once made, you start each day from a place of love. It has energy to it. No room for negativity. People are attracted to it like a super magnet. And at the end of the day, it is all about love, generosity, kindness and a positive attitude.

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Susan Thornton October 18, 2011 at 10:15 pm

So very true Dale – it’s all about keeping the flow going we give, we receive, we give, we receive and everyone benefits. Great reminder!


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