Our masterminds are designed to educate and train owners and entrepreneurs in the terminology, timelines, resources, and processes of marketing. Our participants may be extremely talented but are frustrated by their repeated mistakes that have cost them time and money. Learning to adopt an educated marketing mindset will help you reach your goals faster, make better decisions, and help you recapture the time you wasted in the past. 

They know just enough to be dangerous—to themselves. 

Our masterminds meet monthly, either early in the am or later in the afternoon, and cover all the areas that require knowledge for good decisions. 

Each mastermind is made up of 6 participants who agree to share their wins, losses, and struggles and to show up regularly. The group gets very close and many referrals come out of these groups. You will also be connected to the best resources for you whether it is a graphic designer, technology provider, metric reporter, SEO provider, etc. 

If you are an owner who has a growth mindset but wants to understand how to make better marketing decisions, this is for you. 

Over the next 12 months, we meet at either 7 am, 12 pm, or 5 pm once per month to discuss a particular area of marketing each month. These are interactive, teaching discussions where you will learn how to make the best marketing decisions for your business, how to stop listening to people who tell you what you need with no marketing background, how to figure out your winning formula working from your company’s strengths and how to spend your marketing budget on those things that will propel you to your goals. You will gain confidence knowing the terms and creating expectations in line with what is possible. 

We have three Mastermind offerings:

Only Owners 

  • You’ve grown your business to the point where you know that you need more structure to your marketing. 
  • You don’t know what to do first and have made some mistakes (you’re not alone) that cost you. 
  • You’re tired of friends or employees telling you their ideas of what you need to make your business grow. 
  • You keep hearing marketing terms bandied about but if you were asked to define them, you would be at a loss or you have misconceptions of what these terms really mean. 
  • You have the sense to understand that you probably need more subject knowledge from which to make the decisions that are getting more expensive. 
  • Focus on client knowledge, customer experience, mapping the customer journey, buying triggers, positioning, building referral networks 
  • Align your marketing activities to your areas of strength- consistency is never easy, but it takes less effort when you choose the things you’re good at. 

Interested? Apply here – link to application 

The Sounding Board 

Your business may be humming along right now, and you still need to be prepared for unforeseen changes. 

It’s far easier to put these things into place when you have the time to think through and implement instead of creating the knee-jerk reaction that is so common when things go south. 

Subject areas for the year work through an entire marketing process including explanations of what to know, why it’s important and how to apply it followed by discussions of how each person can apply it in their company 

You will learn how to evaluate marketing ideas and technology and you will benefit from the resources of referrals to resources you might need. 

Learning in a group is far more powerful than working one on one, plus you have feedback available whenever you need it. 

Apply here: – link to application 


This group focuses primarily on building the brand. We cover brand elements, interviews with clients, listening to need and struggle, crafting the message, aligning images to copy, and crafting the specific initiatives that will make your company known as the best. Creating a plan for roll-out and identifying all the graphics and pieces you need will position you for complete success. 

This group meets once a month with some homework in between. Apply here- link

What catches your attention?

Most people never consider:

Curiosity  ·  Story  ·  Image  ·  Color

These are the things that can make marketing
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