When I ask clients who their competition is, they may be able to reel off a few names, but many times that’s about it.

They have no system to take periodic looks at what their competition is doing to solidify their own market position and brand. Because they are busy, this goes to the bottom of the list, if it makes a list at all.

It’s not surprising. Would you know what to look for if someone asked you how you are different from your competition?

Do you know how active they are on social media and what their messaging looks like?

Are they educating their customers or telling them how wonderful they are?

What are their offers, and how well do they seem to know their customers?

Does their copy make you want to know more?

How do they stack up to your company?

The answers to these questions are the beginning of the basis of your market position.

Why is that important?

Well, it isn’t unless you want to be seen as the leading product or service in your category/profession.

It’s the strategy that has been used by champions like Michael Jordan to help himself rise beyond what anyone thought possible. It’s important to know yourself, but knowing your completion gives you a big, extra edge.

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