I am a brand artist using my intuitive and empathic gifts in a collaborative process where the art deeply reflects the heart of the collector. Branded art specifically showcases the super-creative entrepreneurs’ one-of-a-kind offerings in a way that makes sense and feels natural.

So, what’s with the Big Shoes?

I get asked that a lot. So, instead of keeping you in the dark, I’ll explain. Although it was the best decision I ever made, going out on my own was a bit terrifying at the time. I knew I had to scare myself to death – well, maybe just hovering on the edge of death…I tried to think of something that would be a mental and physical challenge that could teach me to face down those growling fears. It is somewhat ironic that the idea I came up with was something I had always wanted my boys to do – Outward Bound (www.outwardbound.org) Naturally, having their mother suggest such a thing was the absolute kiss of death but the idea of the challenge drew me in me and I signed up. I did take myself to the outside edge of my fear and realized that it was all in my curly head. And it was a life changing experience mainly because it taught me that whenever I get rattled, I can go back to that one moment at treetop level in the pouring rain, climbing a pole and finishing the high ropes course. I faced down my worst fear of the moment – heights and came through fine.