Your Big Shoes

BIG SHOES represents the idea of using all of your gifts and talents. It’s about stepping into the biggest space you can imagine for yourself and being willing, once you have set out on that journey, to play in the biggest way, full-tilt boogie. You don’t let the fear of what others think or say hinder you from expressing yourself in the most powerful way possible.

Big Shoes is a metaphor for playing on the court, not standing on the sidelines. You are a participant in the game and what it takes to be on that court is to have the willingness, integrity, and brilliance to express yourself in the most powerful way possible.

This doesn’t mean you throw caution to the wind. We work through a defined process that is engaging, interesting and works to create the expression of who you are and what you do. It includes the words, images, conversational bullets you need to create interest. It means having the tools to build a consistent stream of good leads along with ways to surprise and delight your clients.

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