Where to Go After the “Oh!” or How to Use More Interesting Words to Imprint the Memory of You

by Dale

ohOverheard conversation: “What do you do?”

Respondent: ” I’m an accountant.”

Person who asked the question: “Oh.”

This is a great example of how not to get attention, but more interesting to take a look at why it failed.

First of all it failed on both sides. The person asking the question could have asked a more interesting question like: “How do you bring your passion to your work?”

When we respond to a typical question, we are so tempted to give a typical response like the one that was given.

The trouble with that is that there’s nowhere to go after the “oh.”

What would a better response be? Maybe something like this:” I’m the reality check to businesses that shows them where they are and how they can get to where  they want to be financially. I work with them on the things that will make their businesses grow like: finding investors, making sure they are taking every tax advantage, getting their reporting right – all the stuff that no one talks about but  are the things that are essential to know.”

I might even make it shorter. ” I am a traveling reality check for businesses.” That will cause a question from the other person.

You want to create a conversation but developing curiosity.

Use different words and different descriptors. This will make you stand out.

I called my business Big Shoes because it describes the clients I like to work with- entrepreneurs stepping into their Big Shoes ( everyone gets that) and because it is a reminder to me to do that too.

Someone once asked me why I didn’t name my business Power Marketing. Easy response – it was too boring and not in the least memorable.

After you leave a meeting, the only thing that is left to remind someone of you is the impression you made. Using different words can carve out something that hooks onto that memory and stays.



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