What Questions Are Your Clients Experiencing Right Now?

by Dale

Risk Uncertainty





When you offer a specific area of expertise to others and you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s easy to forget what they don’t know.

When you complete a meeting, do you ask them how you can support their learning?

Do you make notes on the common points of confusion?

It seems to me, that when the client is living with too many questions that are outside their experience or expertise, that’s when things go south. Frustration occurs and it all seems to be too much.

Take software companies, for instance: their favorite teaching tools are videos and support forums. They break one of my fundamental rules – make it easy for the client.

You may have a learning style that works perfectly well with video, but realize not everyone does!

The same thing goes with support forums. The amount of time it takes to find the right answer can build a volcano of frustration as the client connects his often futile search with the amount of time (which equals money) he/she is wasting.

The things you think are easy may be equivalent to the “advanced level” for you client.

Do you address this in your practice, and if so, how – share your ideas!

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