The Push or The Pull?

by Dale

So many people view their website as an opportunity to spill all their beans about who they are and what they do. If you want to know how well this works close your eyes for a minute. Imagine that you are meeting someone for the first time. You ask them what they do. For the next ten minutes they proceed to tell you every wonderful thing that they offer, are involved with, … you get the picture.

You can open your eyes now.

Now, picture a person who when asked that question, answers it in a way that intrigues you, makes you think, makes you pause. You are engaged in wanting to know more. Isn’t that what you really want?

Here’s an example:
Many, many, many financial advisors have similar kinds of tools and they tend to show them on their: conversations, websites, brochures, etc. Many, many of them end up looking and sounding the same. BUT, in alot of cases there is something out of congruence.

Sofia Financial took a completely different tack. They work with women of all ages to not only invest their money but they also have a teaching track to help them become educated investors. They talk to women in a way that is safe and not pushy. Have a look – pull beats push every time.

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