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I did an interesting experiment last summer. I had started a small study group made up of all kinds of people in the marketing field. There were around twelve of us. We had met roughly four times. At the beginning of each meeting we went around the room and introduced ourselves. At the fourth meeting […]


The Deeper Level of Connection – Part 2 I have adopted generosity as a tool. I find it most useful – not only for my clients, friends, prospects and others, but for myself; as a tool for growth. Generosity starts with a conscious acceptance of an attitude. It acknowledges the fact that everyone has worth […]

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3 Easy Ways to Break Your Brand


A wonderful tool that is hardly ever thought of and infinitely more effective  are brainstorms.  There are many industries being interrupted by new technologies or habit changes of users. A good example is marketing itself. What used to work isn’t working so well anymore. But is everything going electronic – I personally doubt it. It […]


Why would you want to create a unique experience for your customer? It’s probably the most inexpensive and yet most powerful way to create a positive, lasting impression. Here’s an example: Take two airlines: US Airways and Southwest. I’m using these because everyone knows who they are and probably has experienced a ride on at […]