Learning how to think differently isn’t really so hard. The first requirement is to become a good observer of what is. Where innovative thinking occurs is when you get so knowledgeable about a subject that you start to notice what’s missing. What’s missing can be the keys to differentiation, new products, new services or just […]


Have you ever heard other business owners say they never get referrals? What they are usually referring to is an association event they have attended, a group they belong to, a person they met, etc. I met just such a person recently at a party. He told me that he couldn’t seem to get anyone […]


Why would you want to create a unique experience for your customer? It’s probably the most inexpensive and yet most powerful way to create a positive, lasting impression. Here’s an example: Take two airlines: US Airways and Southwest. I’m using these because everyone knows who they are and probably has experienced a ride on at […]