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The Deeper Level of Connection – Part 2 I have adopted generosity as a tool. I find it most useful – not only for my clients, friends, prospects and others, but for myself; as a tool for growth. Generosity starts with a conscious acceptance of an attitude. It acknowledges the fact that everyone has worth […]

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Have you ever heard other business owners say they never get referrals? What they are usually referring to is an association event they have attended, a group they belong to, a person they met, etc. I met just such a person recently at a party. He told me that he couldn’t seem to get anyone […]


January 28, 2011- Chester County Bar Association : Defining the Skills, Process, & Ethics of Client Acquisition February 14 – Mid-Atlantic Consultants Network: But Enough About You!   How Your Verbal and Written Messages Can Give You More Choices and Better Work