I used to think I knew how to set goals. That was, until I took Mike Gidlewski’s course ( called Quantum Leap. There I learned that most of us, including myself, had goals that were hazy at best and most of the time they were in our heads – not on paper. Neither were they specific enough.

So, when I finally understood that, I began something new:

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People like me are always urging you to differentiate from your competition. So, why is it so hard to do?

I think it starts with a belief learned early in life -the one that we have learned over time – it feels safer to go with the group- don’t rock the boat. Look at any field and you will see pack mentality in the way companies in any vertical express themselves. It’s safe AND it’s boring. Worse, when everyone looks the same and too safe no one remembers anything.


Do you know how you show up as that brand? I’m guessing that maybe you didn’t give that as much thought.


A national leadership consultant noted that: The Journal of Psychological Type examined successful and failing business relationships, and reported that 44% of business relationships fail for “soft” personal communications issues, a lack of trust, empathy and understanding. Only 10% of business relationship derailment is actually due to technical ability and problems. There is not a […]


Deepening our connection to others is at the heart of building the best business relationships. I keep wondering why more people aren’t honing these skills.