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The Deeper Level of Connection – Part 2 I have adopted generosity as a tool. I find it most useful – not only for my clients, friends, prospects and others, but for myself; as a tool for growth. Generosity starts with a conscious acceptance of an attitude. It acknowledges the fact that everyone has worth […]

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Have you ever heard other business owners say they never get referrals? What they are usually referring to is an association event they have attended, a group they belong to, a person they met, etc. I met just such a person recently at a party. He told me that he couldn’t seem to get anyone […]


So often we don’t think of inspiration as a tangible gift.  But ponder this – Think of a time when you were up against something that was really challenging.  Something that strained all of your resources – interior and exterior.  Did you have someone encouraging you? Was there someone there cheering you on, acting as […]


Why would you want to create a unique experience for your customer? It’s probably the most inexpensive and yet most powerful way to create a positive, lasting impression. Here’s an example: Take two airlines: US Airways and Southwest. I’m using these because everyone knows who they are and probably has experienced a ride on at […]


I subscribed to a well-known publication several months ago. It’s delivered six days a week and is a real pleasure to read….when I get it. I called customer service (which is outsourced to a separate continent where English is a secondary language). Around the tenth time I called I decided enough was enough. I emailed the General Manager with my complaint. I received a stock email back that afternoon saying that the problem was being attended to and I would be called that day. No call. I did get a call the following day. But in my email to the General Manager I said – maybe you need a system that sorts someone into a more customer oriented path once they have called three times.

I think some people would have cancelled their subscription, some would have blustered at a person with no power, and maybe some would have even kept on calling customer service.
But, here’s the question – do they really think that what they call customer service is that ….or is it just lip service? Having a strong brand means that you do what you say you will do.