Stepping Way Out of the Box- How Southwest Airlines Creates Word of Mouth

by Dale

Examples are great ways of learning how to do something,

This is one of my favorite videos that shows how and why Southwest Airlines is loved and talked about by so many people.

Watch the video.

Now, how many people do you think those passengers told about Southwest Airlines?

How do you think the description of this flight attendant’s would affect someone who was disaffected with the service of another airline and who might be on the cusp of change?

The elements that made this a memorable and funny experience were surprise and delight. Everyone came on the plane looking like they were tired. They were acknowledged. Then, the steward added participation – he knew it would work better if he could engage them AND he needed them to hear his safety message. He got them stomping and clapping. Next he did his rap to the rhythm. It was catchy, witty and fun. In short, it was memorable.

What could you do to cause surprise and delight?

Good question to ask yourself!



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