Step Forward

Step Forward

Step Forward is a program for creative entrepreneurs and highly specialized consultants who want to get to or beyond a 6 figure income and have realized they need a bigger audience but don’t know where to start. They are brilliant in what they offer and want to attract consistent work at  the highest level possible.

You know who you are

You have probably said or thought this to yourself: “This year, I Know I should spend more time on my marketing and make it work. The next thing that sets in is that panicky feeling that you don’t’ know what to do first. How do you engage your perfect client? What do you need? Who should you hire? How will you avoid making costly mistakes? And, when will you ever find the time?

This is a step by baby step program that moves you through all the aspects of marketing and will show you how to build your brand while you pay attention to your budget. We will work with you to explore creative approaches that differentiate you from your competition and help you develop a blueprint for growth that you take on little bit by little bit. You’ll start to think about your marketing more calmly because you have

This program might be for you if you want to:

  • Be highly visible in your world through creating a brilliant brand
  • Positioned uniquely in your marketplace
  • Communicate consistently in ways that draw on your strength and attract a bigger audience as you attract the people with whom you most want to work
  • Create more leads
  • Leverage of the power of language and processes to draw potential clients to you.
  • Use the appropriate marketing tools and tactics that, used consistently, will take you exactly where you want to go without breaking your bank.

Do you have a memorable brand? Did we hear you say “I don’t really know what that means?”

Are you working from a marketing plan? (We didn’t think so – most people have never thought of that.)

You want to establish a magnetic, memorable brand, but don’t have the first idea of how to do it. And, you don’t know how to identify or implement (let alone know how to put it together) the marketing plan or know what marketing tools will help you reach your goal.

What we will cover

We will cover how to describe who you are- both visually and verbally, how you want to be perceived, define your target markets and how to speak, write and network with them like a magnetic force. As we move into the tactical areas we will be working on raising your standards for clients, prices and attributes which all translates into getting paid more.
We will cover:

  • The mental blueprint you need to create growth
  • Specific marketing tools to use that others in your market are ignoring
  • Methodology and practices to capture leads
  • What your profit model looks like
  • Passive income opportunities
  • Raising your bar for pricing
  • Working with clients that are ready, willing, committed, and appreciative of the work that you offer
  • How to live your brand – words that matter, questions to create curiosity, follow up and creating deep connections and relationships
  • How to create connections that become referral engines

Progress Happens in Baby Steps

As much as we all want to have overnight growth, most of us realize that if this is going to occur, it will be in baby steps rather than giant leaps.

Each week we take one subject and break it into its parts. We show you how you can apply them to your own business. We call this dropping the seeds. Next, we give you a practice sheet that will help you relate the subject to your individual situation. Finally, we discuss it live on the phone so you will get insight from others as well as individual help if you decide to volunteer yourself on the call.

What you will get

Because we have a solid 25 year background in learning and brand marketing, we designed the program to give you practice and reinforcement as well as a chance to discuss and learn live. Research shows that the best learning occurs in the following sequences

Learning Sequence for Step Forward
Introduce a concept
Use an exercise to relate it to your business while you practice it as it applies to you
Discuss the concept. Learn through the group
Meet individually with Dale on the phone to customize your actions
Practice and tweak
Repeat this process


So, here’s how Step Forward rolls out

MondayEarly in the morning you’ll receive an email introducing the lesson of the week, explaining how it fits into the bigger picture. You will also receive a practice sheets, resources and a video that helps you apply the concept to your situation.

The following Friday morninga 1 hour live (and recorded) conference call where we will discuss the topic and learn through the examples of a few people on the call. Group learning is powerful. You’ll be surprised at how much you pick up on these calls. If you miss it, you can listen later.

ExtrasA regularly moderated Google + community for discussion and questions surrounding challenges, ideas, brainstorms and some laughter. Plus, one phone call per month with Dale to personalize your marketing.

Start Connecting the Dots

Understanding kicks in when you realize you know what tools and actions will work with your strengths and budget. You will be thrilled with the creative ideas that are offered by the group as well as the conference call. You’ll stop wasting money and seeing visible traction when you commit to the simple plan you create. You’ll start to understand your role in bumping up your marketing and give yourself an edge because so many people ignore this aspect of marketing.

Are you ready to raise the bar?

You’ll love this program IF…

  • You are willing to be part of a staged process that makes sense – no mystery.
  • You will be successful if you are able to commit to your own step by step growth and practice, and you want to enjoy the process and understand it.
  • You are collaborative- you know that the support of a strong community will help you move more quickly.
  • You value the ideas of others and are willing to contribute some of your own to them.
  • You like to laugh and you don’t take yourself too seriously – it’s ok to be committed to growing your business but we like to laugh too.
  • You know yourself well enough to understand that having a structure to put the foundational pieces together with a plan will be a giant leap for you.

How Long Is the Class?

8 Weeks in which you will strengthen and polish your brand, define yourself so others want your services and a plan to step forward with all of your strategies and tactics working in concert.

An offer that will be hard to refuse

I’ve made this affordable for a couple of reasons. I love working with entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches but my business model only allows me to do this with a group. I believe there is more powerful learning in a group anyway. You can sign up for the following:

Payment options: Credit card via PayPal*
Price: $997 via PayPal  or 3 payments of $335 via Paypal
Bonuses: Sign up by March 25th and get $60 off and 2 additional personal sessions.

Sign up here for Step Forward

*Additional payment options available by arrangement. Contact Dale for additional info.