Push v Pull: Creating a memory of your service that your clients not only value, but talk about

by Dale

vintage target painted on the dirty old tissue

One of my clients asked a competitor what they gave clients as a thank you for using their services. He replied that they knew a woodworker who made a beautiful, carved cutting board with their company’s name and logo on it. He told my client: “they just love it.”

Really? Well, maybe they do, but maybe they were just being polite too.

In any case the question is will they tell anyone about a branded cutting board?

You know the answer.

So, the question is: how can you create surprise and delight in such a way that your clients tell everyone about you?

Here are some of the key ingredients:

  • It totally unexpected
  • It causes delight
  • It aligns with their values or interests
  • It is unusual and will cause enough excitement for them to want to tell others

Have you ever experienced this?  If so, share your story!


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