Playing a BIGGER GAME.                             

Big Shoes has developed a proven methodology that works as a magnet to attract exactly the kinds of clients and projects you most want.

Brain Dump

To work together effectively, we spend between 2-4 hours detailing every part of your business: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s only from acknowledging what is true currently and defining the end that you want to achieve that we can create it. We work together putting it on a whiteboard so that we can see possible opportunities, your strengths, etc. This is a powerful beginning and allows us to see and discuss related ideas, people, and connections you didn’t know you had.

Define What Success Looks Like and How We Measure It

This is where you start creating your BIG SHOES. What do you want to create? It’s important that it is a source of inspiration to you so that the work keeps pulling  you forward..

Develop A Blueprint

Fail to plan or plan to fail. The only way to work effectively is with a plan. Random effort is wasted effort. What do your clients want, what do you do best, where is the leading edge that you can develop? These are all questions that will lead us to developing the tools that you need, targeting the clients you like the best, and the messages that resonate – on paper and within you.

Execute Effectively

It takes consistent effort  to reach your goals. Working on your business is a process of creating, adjusting, recreating, etc.

The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape.” – Bono

Life happens

And when it does, we make adjustments. The path is almost never straight- it is jogged by opportunities and threats, by lovely boosts from unexpected supporters and sometimes ambushed by the competition. Having the opportunity to discuss, brainstorm, celebrate wins or develop tactics is an unbelievable asset.