It’s About This, Not About That

by Dale

A national leadership consultant noted that: The Journal of Psychological Type examined successful and failing business relationships, and reported that 44% of business relationships fail for “soft” personal communications issues, a lack of trust, empathy and understanding. Only 10% of business relationship derailment is actually due to technical ability and problems. There is not a lack of commercial ability – it’s an absence of self-awareness, conversation and smart relationship skills.

So what can you focus on?
First raise your awareness.
Ask two questions of yourself (because deep down, you do know), and then of others: your strategic partners, your employees (if you have them) and most importantly your clients. Here are the questions:
1. What do you think I do well?
2. What do you wish that you could tell me about what I am missing in my product or service?

You may be surprised and pleased with the answers you get back. And, occasionally, you’ll get revelation as well. If you find yourself resisting this process you need to confront your fear – it’s the only way to move forward.

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