Imprinting Memory

by Dale

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I once had a friend whose great aunt Jo was infamous for saying things that caused eyes to roll. One of her family award winning lines was: “I’d call you more often but I never think of you.”

This is a point of view that we encounter all too often in business.

Think of going to a website and it screams: “This is who we are, this is what we do, buy from us NOW!”

It’s the consultant who can’t wait to tell you EVERYTHING that makes him/her great.

It’s the salesman who hands you a business card before you open your mouth and then proceeds to talk until the cows come home.

But that isn’t how people buy, is it?

When people buy, many elements have to be in place. The experience you create encompasses the ways we are drawn to someone or something. We may like it,  trust it or maybe it makes us feel like we will be better for using it. It tags our emotions and creates positive memories as well.

This is an intentional process. Being strategic about creating a GREAT customer experience  is never accidental. It requires alot of knowledge about the desired customer as well as an intentionally designed experience to create exactly the memory you want to leave.

One company doing this in so many great ways is Warby Parker:

They have managed to create a company offering great design for eyeglasses and at the same time for every pair that is purchased, another pair is given to a child in a third world country. They tag out emotion of wanting to give back and they also have managed to give us good design at a lower price – wow! They’re the real thing. Their website is fun and interesting – not the same blah, blah.  Their retail outlets are perfectly chosen to be interesting places for people who read, want something more interesting to look at, are true individuals and want some community- some in the form of distilleries. They are not the run of the mill optical store in any way. They have created an experience – not just in their stores but online as well and…they made it all about their customer.



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