Do You Know?

by Dale





Do you know?  Why people buy you?

There is something that you provide better than anyone else. Do you know what it is?

There have been many studies about the subject – thousands, in fact. These studies are usually made on big, public companies because there is more information about them, they have survived all the hurdles of the early stages and they have learned some profound lessons along the way.

If you are thinking about vacation that will require a plane trip, what airline do you check out first?

When you have a cold and go to the drugstore to buy tissues, what do you pick out of the rather large selection on the shelf?

Which mobile phone do you like or love the most?

These will all have different answers in some way. They also have a common denominator: each one speaks very personally to a customer need in such a way that it separates it from all the competitors. They have discovered the combination of things that create an emotional connection. This connection forms  a connection so that you will buy this brand again and again unless it changes somehow. Even then, you’ll probably keep on buying it until you realize it’s not a temporary blip.

Do you do this? Are you so clear about who you are and what your provide that you become irresistible?  If so, how do you let people know about it so you won’t be the worst thing in marketing terms – the best kept secret.


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