Do goals matter?

by Dale

I used to think I knew how to set goals. That was, until I took Mike Gidlewski’s course ( called Quantum Leap. There, I learned that most of us, including myself, had goals that were hazy at best and most of the time they were in our heads – not on paper. Neither were they specific enough.

So, when I finally understood that, I began something new: I wrote my goal every single day for about three months. It took just about that long to get it where I wanted it. I would write something then, the next day I would look at it and something I missed would jump out I rewrote and rewrote until finally, it was complete. This sounds tedious but it actually only took about 10 minutes in the morning every day. It helped me define what I wanted most.

I never would have guessed that this process would be much more specific than I would ever have thought. The funny thing is that when it was finally completed, it took me less than three months to reach that goal. Talk about a powerful process. And, it’s the step we often skip, thinking it won’t matter.

I’m setting some new goals this month. One of them is to ramp up my Step Forward ( Program for creative¬† entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and connect their marketing in an intelligent way. You won’t be surprised that I start by asking them to define their goal because now I know that a clear goal is rocket fuel for getting exactly what you want.

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Melanie December 3, 2014 at 8:51 am

Love it!


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