Baby Steps: Branding as a Walk Not a Sprint

by Dale

Baby steps




My husband is starting to paint – pictures that is.. He’s actually pretty good for a beginner but he said to me the other day:” I can’t wait till I finish and I’m having trouble finishing because I might make a mistake.” Did I mention he’s an engineer and a perfectionist?

This conversation reminded me of some of the conversations I have with prospective clients. They say:”I need a website.” Or, “do you think a new brand will differentiate us? How fast can you do it?”

These two stories are about one thing: racing to the finish line as the definition of success. However, success doesn’t really happen that way, does it? Hopefully my husband will learn the joy that comes from being transported more deeply into his imagination and the craft of painting.  When prospective clients say things like that my response is: STOP! you’re ten miles down the road and we haven’t even started yet.

The best brands separate themselves from the pack by clearly defining themselves then expressing themselves visually in the most evocative way possible. They create an experience of the service or product. They can be quirky but not annoying.

It takes courage to step out pf that box into a space that is unoccupied by others and therefore while it has distinction, it also has it’s own set of fears.

The race isn’t won on speed. The race is won by moving forward step by step – not rushing too fast but deeply considering and touching the message, image and emotion that creates the beginning of the experience. After that it is a process of identifying the strategies and tactics that amplify all of this work.

It’s done step by step- baby steps….always easier that too many sprints in a row.


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