Adding Propulsion- When You’re Ready to Grow Again

by Dale

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I don’t know about you but I tend to create propulsion when I set about to give myself a series of nudges to accomplish something that is a little bit out of my comfort zone.

I am always amazed at the stages that it takes me to get through to the end point.  Here are some of them:

It starts with a vague feeling of slight discomfort that I’m not reaching a goal in way that I know I have capability- sort of like a small pebble in your shoe – not so uncomfortable that you have to remove your shoes but enough so that you notice it with every step.

First I have to figure out the what. What am I trying to accomplish?

Next I sit down with a piece of paper and create a drawing with the goal in the middle and all of the parts coming off it in arrows.- it’s my own version of an Ishikawa chart It’s a terrific strategy tool because it let’s you move between ideas and parts without losing what’s in front of you.

Next I put these in order and make a priority list.

I try to reach no more than three parts per week unless they are particularly easy. Fitting in ;anything new is always difficult. Success experienced consistently is just like rocket fuel. It only fuels your passion for more.

Break it down, make the parts easy and small. Make them so easy that it is irresistible not to do them. Then at the end of the week make a note of what you’ve done. You’ll amaze yourself.

The old stories we learned as kids taught us significant lessons, one of them being: the tortoise always wins the race.

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