About Dale Power – Philadelphia Marketing Consultant

Innovation Midwife ▪ Mischief Maker ▪ Creator of Big Shoes for Entrepreneurs

Who I Serve:

Creative clients often have trouble seeing how brilliant they are. Not only that, they shut down when it comes to conveying all of the great qualities for which their favorite clients would hire them. Huh!  It’s hard to get out of your own way because you are too close to it and emotionally attached. This is the place where you could use an educated and imaginative sounding board to widen your lens in seeing what is possible, discovering pathways never conceived, and aligning with the most profitable model possible.

What I provide: THE SHIFT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Branding, Re-branding, Marketing Plans, Positions & Tools & Message

Experience: What works/ what doesn’t

Twenty-five + years of experience both as Marketing Director and Entrepreneur give me some unique qualifications for what I do. I see the challenges from both sides: the marketing side and the entrepreneur side. I’ve been on top of the world with outrageous success and down in the dumps, not knowing who my next client will be. It’s a rollercoaster sometimes, one that can be smoothed out with the proper tools.

Connecting the Dots:   rednoseworker_450x348
Think of a juggler….. Can you see him tossing his knives in the air? When it works, it works well. The audience is excited; gasps even. He has captured them with his expertise, his risk, his choice of objects. He has rhythm, guts, and showmanship – that is until the fly that lands on his nose disrupts his pattern …but I digress.

These show didn’t happen by accident. The expert put in time to develop, learn, identify all of the parts that made up his product and his experience (minus the fly). This takes time, intention, and collaboration. It’s not a box you can buy off a shelf.

Using a Guide

When you want to grow to the next level and you know that what got you to this point won’t get you to the next, you are at a new starting line. Once you have made the decision to grow  you will need three things:

  • A new mindset – the ways you used to do things (perhaps by the seat of your pants) must shift to a strategic
  • A new set of tools: You may have gotten by with a lick and a promise but now you are going to need your tools – whether it’s website, social media, brand, etc. to be clear, consistent and congruent.
  • Awareness: not of who you think you are but how you are currently perceived by the outside world.

When You Work Your Plan and Connect All the Skills & Tools…, You Are Creating a Complete Customer  Experience. The entire experience is what makes people talk about you. It’s something many people don’t consider when they think about their marketing. But think about it.
Whether you are talking to prospects, clients, or vendors, you are in the process of creating an experience.  What’s experience have to do with connecting dots?
Well, if you have designed an experience of every aspect of your service or product creating the “wow” reaction, you are well on your way to growth.
If, on the other hand, everything you create – whether it is an email, a website, a business card, a Facebook post – are all unrelated to the other tools you are using, then you are effectively spinning your wheels – working harder with not much to show for it.

Additional Attributes:

X-Ray Vision = the ability to see through the densest, most boring images and words at hide WHO YOU REALLY ARE. If your DNA doesn’t include this, then you might be having some difficulty. X-Ray Vision helps you see just how you stand out from your competition. It is the beginning of creating an experience.
Just as you may think that everyone has strengths similar to you…allow me to be frank: you’re wrong. But, it’s tricky seeing them possibly because your mother was always telling you to remember to be modest. It’s hard to see how to differentiate yourself, unless you have a way to work through the creation of it. Here’s the secret: download click

Invisibility Extractor…so you shine brightly
Harry Potter may have found his cloak of invisibility useful, but no one who is in business should. People who claim to be “the best kept secret” indicate their naivete about being known. If you want to know more about the keys to finding clients with whom you love to work. Click here

Creator of the  Biggest Shoes: The metaphorical ones that you step into every day. Are they big or small – in other words are you playing small ball or are you determined to play a bigger game? If you have outgrown the level you are currently occupying, you probably need some giant steps that are inventive, that when you speak, write or communicate in any way make people say “wow!” under their breath.  As a leader, you will have to keep re-investing in bigger shoes because once your competition sees you they will start copying you. Are you ready to step into your BIG SHOES?     Let’s talk: 610-585-6567